About the franchise

Becoming Masmoudi franchisee is not simply about selling fine quality pastry. It requires as well the sharing of its values and its frame of mind which are the essence of how we work.

The effort, the sharing, the devotion to traditional heritage, to what it provides from healthy and natural ingredients to the simplicity of its contents, to the creativity and optimism undertook at every task, altogether describe the frame of mind that drives us further.

In fact, since 1972, the year of the company foundation, we have known how to make good use of our experience and constantly improve our know-how starting from the selection of raw materials and the process of production to the elaboration of a unique concept of distribution points.

For all these reasons, today we can transmit to our franchisees a unique know-how and a beneficial assistance to the establishment and perpetuation of their project. The latter will have its unique architecture and customized design since every store is different and every setup involves a thorough and in-depth study by our architects and also the artisans who participate in its layout.

This is why our invitation to discover 1001 flavors entails the discovery of 1001 sensations as well.

The benefits of Masmoudi franchise:

  • A unique know-how
  • A renown quality product
  • A fast-growing and innovative concept
  • A good reputation
  • Lack of competition for a similar quality
  • A growing market with promising potential
  • Regular sale ensured all over the year with the possibility of entertainment and selling theme creation
  • A constant and dynamic innovation for the creation of new products.
  • Assistance and training before and after the opening
  • A follow-up of the good functioning of the activity
  • Advertising and marketing support
  • Low human resources required (2 or three persons depending of the area)
  • A low stock value
  • A low risk stock loss thanks to the long period of consumption (90 days)
  • Frequent and simple stock management thanks to the provided concept