Couscous bar

Couscous is an authentic dish, inherited from our Mediterranean traditions. Each region has its recipe transmitted from mother to daughter.

True to tradition, Maison Masmoudi launches the Couscous Bar. An innovative and trendy concept, which allows you to taste a customized couscous with high quality ingredients.

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It is time to restore honor to this dish that is the pride of our culture! We wish to offer you a Tunisian heritage product, to be eaten on the spot or taken away.

An innovative concept

At the Masmoudi couscous bar, you can order a customized couscous, served in a luxurious packaging that guarantees an intact flavor.

A lunch break or an on-the-go meal inspired by the colors of sun and journey, with this healthy and gourmet couscous.

Its low temperature cooking allows the flavors to exalt and spices to embalm all the dish!

Health assets

Opting for Masmoudi cousous means combining proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins in one balanced and tasty dish.

  • Every day, a different couscous, thanks to our tailor-made composition. Your couscous consists of:
    • A unique semolina
    • A choice between four proteins: "beef, chicken, lamb and fish"
    • Six seasonal vegetables: "potato, carrot, turnip, pumpkin, zucchini, leek”
    • A dressing with a garnish of your choice: "chickpeas, raisins, beans, caramelized onions.