General conditions of sale

Article 1

The Refined Pastry of Sfax online sale contract in accordance is held between Société Patisserie Masmoudi France registered in France and all users of the website

Article 2

By accessing the website www.patisseriemasmoudi.fryou agree to be bound by the general conditions of sale at hand.

Article 3

Any transaction issued from the general conditions of sale at hand is subject to the French law.

Article 4

Masmoudi France
Web :

Article 5

The presentation and delivery of the illustrated items on the website cover the whole world with no exception. The items displayed herein represent an overview of our collection and do not abide by any binding commitment; the published pictures are but an offer and are subject to stock availability check.

Article 6

The purchase order delivery is ensured by Rapide Poste service or by Masmoudi pastry’s own logistics. Purchase orders coming from any other country than France are ensured by DHL or FEDEX or ARAMEX.

Article 7

The offer is presumably agreed upon by the buyer only if he/she precisely indicates his/ her contact details (billing address or/and delivery address) before the order confirmation.

Article 8

Every order will be confirmed via e-mail sent by Masmoudi pastry E-Commerce service in 48 working hours after making the order.

Article 9

The withdrawal period lasts for 7 working days starting from the day of reception by the customer if the data confirmation is delivered by e-mail.

Article 10

The payment on the website is immediate via credit cards. It represents a commitment by the customer once he/she presses “order and pay” button in step 5 entitled “payment”. The payment is irrevocable even in case of fraudulent use of the card.

Article 11

Every confirmed order will be delivered in period of 7 to 21 working days starting from the confirmation date. Complaints should be sent to Masmoudi pastry headquarters’ address stated above.

Article 12

The products ordered are shipped at the recipient’s risks. In case of litigation at the moment of the parcel reception, hand your reservations to the carrier. The litigation should be reported within 48 hours to our company either to the above-stated address or via e-mail.

Article 13

In case of reduced discernment ability, customers should confirm the approval of their legal representative to pass an order.

Article 14

All received information will remain private and will never be sold or shared.

Article 15

Litigations resulting from the contract at hand will be subject to the French jurisdiction.