Pleasurable food dedicated to your different events and ceremonies, our Pastry is always made with the finest ingredients.

The Maison Masmoudi carefully monitors the choice of its suppliers. Likewise, we have developed a whole range of sweet and savory delicatessen.

First choice, best selection are a commitment!

Today, Tunisian beekeeping, at the forefront of modern techniques, is always radiant thanks to a favorable climate and a preserved nature.

The Tunisian array of honey is wonderful because the beekeeper keeps on moving his hives according to the bloom. And as each variety of flowers has a different nectar, the types of honey produced are different.

Olive oil
The secrets of the cultivation of the olive and the manufacture of olive oil are transmitted from father to son.

This elixir carries all the value of an ancestral agriculture. The oil we select is rooted in a nutrient-rich soil, generous sunshine and moderate rainfall for an exceptional olive oil.

The floral waters
The tradition of distilling aromatic plants: jasmine, rose, rosehip, geranium ... still lingers.

Long ago few were the houses that did not own a still.

Composed of two nested parts, the traditional still is mounted with a copper cucurbit heated directly on a charcoal fireplace in which the flowers to be distilled are arranged with a proportional quantity of water.

The date “Deglet Nour” is renowned for its delightful qualities, unique in the world, for its particular fragrance, its golden yellow color and its nutritional values.

Fruit of the almond tree, this fruit with an oil-rich nut gives the Pastries an exquisite flavor and an unparalleled sweetness.

Our almond array offers a set of the most refined Pastries.