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Masmoudi Pastry in Marseille
Here you can find a large range of oriental pastry collection and embark in a new taste experience by trying out Tunisian couscous.

9, Quai du Lazaret Local C  la cantine centre commercial les terrasses du port 13002 Marseille
Phone :
 +33 4 91 45 90 87
Open from Monday to Sunday from 10.am to 20.pm


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Bulk pastry

  • Ingredients almond 52,1%, sugar 20%, flour 15,6%, butter 7%, rose water 5,3%

  • Ingredients flour 30%, date 15%, sugar 15%, butter 22%, strach 11,12%, almond 10%, rose water 3%, orange blossom 1,7%, sesame 1,2%

  • Ingredients sugar 27%, almond 23,4%, pistachio 21,74%, brik 20,66%, butter 7,2%

  • Number of pieces per kg : 65
    Net weight : 1 kg
    Gross weight : 1.2kg

Prepackaged boxes

  • To enhance your inspirations, help you plan your celebrations and impress your guests, we designed this box of goodies for you.

  • Share your joy and make your reception enchanting with ambience with this box, ideally suited to any event.

  • Offer first class luxury and sophistication to your loved ones blended with the distinctive signature of Masmoudi in a box of 66 baked goodies

  • The freshest flavors of the Mediterranean delivered in a magic box containing 30 treats