Maison Masmoudi, since 1972…
Maison Masmoudi consolidates itself as a sophisticated gastronomy and the quintessence of a legacy passed down from generation to generation.

Maison Masmoudi is a fine pastry shop established in 1972 in Sfax, Tunisia, by Mrs Masmoudi, who developed and built on its tradition of excellence, and faithfully portrayed the richness of a modern and timeless history.

It is a vital part of our shared history and culture as one family, like every other family sharing both emotions and dreams. Throughout the years, this mother successfully bequeathed the passion for pastry craft to her own children. Within every recipe or every creation, a message of generosity and sharing is relayed.

Patisserie Masmoudi

MRs Masmoudi is modest yet exceptional, daring and relentless… she is determined and passionate for such an art, her work embodies a mix of traditions and modernity. These are the values that are enshrined among Masmoudi’s work of art.

New traditions :

Our mission is to offer you an incredible aftertaste, using ingredients of the highest quality.
We offer a fusion of local flavors with international influences

We gladly provide you with impeccable quality and flawless traceability, as we pack great flavor into every savory bite.

Unbounded sharing

We started by making fine pastries first. While being faithful to our ancestral traditions, we shall share with you the savor of our soil, nuances of the warm and pleasant East, for all occasions.

Linking the past and the future, our overriding concern is to provide you with some exquisite and original pastries.

Discover our delicatessen shops: sweet or savory grocery, and experience the “couscous bar”.